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Ricky Richards, Creative

11:21 min watch
Recorded 1 August 2014
@ FutureRising
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We spoke to Ricky Richards, film director at Vixenkick, designer and art director, about his experiences in the creative industries and what advice he can offer to young people looking to follow in his footsteps. Ricky holds nothing back as he gives his fresh take on the advertising industry and explains how you can be disruptive and stand out. Ricky also talks about how he met Graham Fink.

"Get yourself in a circle of people who are all doing great things."

If you're looking for advice in a particular area, jump to that question using the following timings.

  • Landing your first job (00:00 mins)
  • Meeting Graham Fink (01:07 mins)
  • Breaking free of design (02:25 mins)
  • Getting into film (03:46 mins)
  • Challenges in Advertising (04:55 mins)
  • Making things happen (06:48 mins)
  • Having a mentor (07:18 mins)
  • Coming up with ideas (08:25 mins)
  • Successful people (08:48 mins)
  • What drives Ricky (09:27 mins)
  • Ricky's future projects (10:04 mins)
  • Who Ricky would most like to work with (10:38 mins)
  • If Ricky had an extra day each week (11:05 mins)

For more careers advice and help getting into advertising, check out our guide to the advertising industry.

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