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Philip Bock and Morten Schmidt, Creative Advertising Team, M&C Saatchi

04:40 min watch
Recorded 10 November 2014
@ M&C Saatchi
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We caught up with Philip Bock and Morten Schmidt, a creative team from Copenhagen who joined M&C Saatchi London last year.

We caught up with Philip Bock and Morten Schmidt a creative advertising team from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Whilst studying creative communication at DMJX, the duo moved to study at New Bucks Ad School to finish up their course. It just so happened whilst interning at Lean Mean Fighting Machine they were soon offered a full time job. Deciding not to finish their studies, they joined M&C Saatchi London (after a LMFM merge).

Listen to the pair share experiences about being a new creative team in London, their side projects to brands they would love to work for.

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