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Tom Rickhuss, advertising student, Bournemouth University

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10:15 AM | 7 August 2014
by Adam Oldfield
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Tom is a multi-talented individual. His diverse nature is the product of exceptional work ethic and enthusiasm to apprehend everything that crosses his path, in everything that he does. He is currently studying BA (Hons) Advertising with Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University and has consistently achieved excellent results, acknowledged by both the university and industry alike. You should explore Tom's website and visit his portfolio/clientele pages in particular, for a full breakdown of his work.

What drove you to take up a course in advertising?

I should probably tell you about my 'passion' for advertising ever since I was 5 & 1/2 years old or something but that simply wouldn't be true. Like thousands of other students, I wasn't quite sure what exactly it was that I wanted to pursue. But, unlike thousands of students, I did a bit of investigative work - haha. UCAS had a pretty brilliant tool on their site which helped me out massively. You put in your favoured A-level subjects (so for me Maths & Psychology) and it kicks out a list of University courses that you may be interested in. 'Advertising & Marketing' returned - I guess because of the numbers behind business and human behaviour behind marketing. From there, I had a look at the Universities with said course available to see what else they had to offer. BU took the win easily (and it's only an hour away from Mum's washing machine too!).

What’s the best thing about studying at Bournemouth University?

Cliff Van Wyk

Why did you take a year out to complete a placement?

All the usual tick boxes apply here.

  • To get a taste for the next chapter in life.
  • To earn money.
  • To gain experience.
  • To develop skills.
  • To work alongside professionals in my industry.
  • To slap a nice big badge on my CV.
  • To find my "niche".
  • To get an upper hand on other students.

What things did you learn from your placement at RKCR/Y&R?

That This Advertising Life is 100% accurate. Amongst loads and loads and loads of other things.

In your spare time you take photos for Red Bull, how did this gig come about?

I have done – yeah! Red Bull were running a programme once upon-a-time called "Red Bull Reporter" in which they put up a load of briefs on their site for various activations they were doing throughout the year. I submitted my portfolio for one, The Cobble Wobble, which happened to be pretty well suited to the kind of thing they were after. After the deadline closed, I had a very unexpected but extremely exciting phone call and a contract in the post soon followed.

What else are you doing right now?

Right now I'm freelancing under the alias of Tom's Creative Works. I'm booking photography/art direction work in for this summer. You can find more info here or visit my portfolio.

Which agency would you love to work for after finishing and why?

I would love to start my own business straight after uni. I have a pretty cool idea!

Is there anything you know now that you wish you'd known earlier?

If you work your nuts off, it won't go unnoticed (in some form or another). There's that saying: "what goes around, comes around".

What's the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

My answer won't keep this light and fluffy interview light and fluffy so, skip!

Where do you find inspiration?

Here comes cliché of the interview...

  • In everything that I consume.
  • Young talent sharing sh*t hot work through Behance, Tumblr, IG, whatever!
  • Startups/Kickstarter.
  • Brands that break rules – Red Bull, GoPro etc.
  • Sites that curate tailored content – StumbleUpon, Mashable etc.
  • Google.

Who would you love to share a desk with?

I don't think being behind a desk is where I'd like to be, so N/A.

Sell yourself. Why should someone hire you once finishing uni?

You shouldn't. Perhaps we could talk about investing in that cool idea I mentioned earlier though?

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