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Teagan & Marie, Creative Duo

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10:09 AM | 5 March 2014

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We caught up with creative partnership Teagan & Marie (full names Teagan Robinson and Marie Kay Foster), who currently are studying at Lincoln Creative Advertising to share some interesting notes about their journey so far to finding a job in the advertising industry. On behalf of the duo, Teagan opted to answer the questions.

Tell us about your education

Marie did a foundation in art and design specialising in jewellery at Central St Martins. Whilst Teagan was completing a multimedia course in Nottinghamshire. Now we are both in our final year at The University of Lincoln studying Creative Advertising. 

What made you want to pursue a career in advertising?

We both enjoy a variety of creative things and found advertising lets us use all of our different interests as well as creating work that can be shared with lots of people.

How's it going trying to land a job in advertising?

Although our advertising journey is still in its early stages, we have received some great advice so far. We have just begun contacting people and we've found that everyone is extremely helpful.

What’s been your most memorable moment or piece of work so far?

The first day we decided to make our partnership official is pretty memorable,  we stayed up all night in uni repeatedly redoing ads for Douwe Egberts.

Once landing a job in advertising what are you ambitions? 

We'd love to be producing recognisable work down the line. We would also love to travel, produces films and to having the opportunity to do photo shoots in other countries would be amazing.

What you say differentiates you as a creative partnership, why should someone hire you?

We work hard and don't settle for work we aren't proud of. We approach every brief positively. Our belief if that if you aren't interested in what you are advertising, you aren't going to advertise it well. 

We like to take risks, If our idea doesn't scare us a little, it probably isn't going to be very interesting. Also Marie always has food and she is good at sharing. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Marie – I enjoy the theatre, food, Pinterest and people watching.

Teagan – I like to observe people and read. 

If you could share a desk with anyone, who would it be?

Marie – I would have to say Alex Taylor. Or my mum, she would bring me food.

Teagan – Maybe Prince but definitely Roger Horberry.

In your spare time, what do you get up to?

Marie is a workaholic but she also does photography, yoga and running (we're both doing the race for life together this year). Teagan writes for her blog and spends her time socially. We're currently on our way to a One Minute Brief event in Manchester – we like to meet other creatives. 

From your experience so far, what would you pass onto others looking to break into advertising?

Socialising with other creatives is probably the best thing we do. They're not only interesting but they can help with making important contacts.

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