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Eskay Lama, Motion Graphics, Ravensbourne

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13:45 PM | 27 October 2015
by Melisa Dagli
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Eskay Lama is a first year motion graphics student at Ravensbourne university.

Describe your path to where you are now

I suppose creativity is something that I have always been hand in hand with from a very young age. Using science and maths notebooks for doodles rather than well, maths and science. Drawing always used to be the most fun pass time throughout my childhood. But there’s been an appreciation/interest for all forms of art; whether it be fine art, graphics, drama, music or even creative writing.

However I was on the fast track to becoming a doctor through high school, but that’s due to cultural views on future aspirations and what they should be. In my case, it was either a doctor or engineer.

"It was only in college that I put my foot down. I realised my passion lies within the palms of creativity.”

It was only in college that I put my foot down as I realised my passion in life lies within the palms of creativity. So I changed courses from biology and maths to fine art, photography and graphics, and here I am. Overall, I’d say that path has been twisted and curved, but in the grand scheme of things it’s been easy, because I love what I do.

Why did you choose to study motion graphics?

Having taken the subjects that I did in college, I wanted to try out something new and broaden my horizons. You could say it was somewhat on an impulse, but the interest was there, and I’m always more than eager to learn.

What has stood out for you in your first year?

There is one major difference to being in uni to every other aspect of my life until now –I am constantly surrounded by creative people. Yes I was surrounded by creative people in college, but only in the classes I took. Being in an art based university, everyone is creative, even in my halls of residence. I find that there is a sort of common ground and understanding between creative people, which has made me feel more comfortable than I have ever felt before.

What's your process for approaching a brief?

Well I suppose there are the standard procedures that take place, such as research, mood boards, brainstorms, development, and so on. There are the ideas that I come up with at first and start working on them; but what tends to happen quite a lot is inspiration hits like lightning at the most unexpected times and from then on it’s constant development and refinement.

”…inspiration hits like lightning at the most unexpected times.”

I guess the brief stays in the back of my head from when I first read it and from then on its just waiting for the right source of inspiration.

What’s your main source of inspiration?

This is a tough one, because I will literally take inspiration from anything. I’ve been known to jump into a lot of personal projects where I’m drawing with salt, or making wall pieces out of cardboard. In fact, I watched the movie 'Big Hero 6' and the next day I was designing a prototype for a cardboard fist glove that shoots the fist part of it. I never finished it though… chances are, I got inspired again and started on a different project.

What kind of work will you be doing in 10 years time?

My answer to this question will be forever changing. I have far too many interests to be able to stick to one area of the creative industry, let alone one field of work. At the moment, I want to be involved in film. The entire process of it. Idea generating, casting, art directing, directing, editing, everything. I’ve had a recent spark of interest in fashion films but would also love to do music videos. Basically, to answer the question, in ten years time I would like to be doing what excites me at the time, and I can honestly say that I have no idea what it will be.

"…in ten years time I would like to be doing what excites me at the time.”

If you could share a desk with anyone from the past, present or future, who would it be?

Karl Lagerfeld. He is an amazing creative and I am a big fan of his, but that has nothing to do with my reasoning for it. I had a dream that we were best friends once, and I’m still waiting on it to come true.

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