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Sam Englund, Co-Founder & Designer/Developer, Makemove

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15:30 PM | 29 July 2014

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Creative hippie and Hyper Island alumni from the tropical land of Sweden, currently based in Stockholm. Co-Founder & Designer/Developer at Makemove. I have a varied background that started in art and has lead me into digital. Making a difference for someone is my biggest motivator. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my family and friends.

Where did the idea for the Makemove app come about?

We (me and Jonatan Lindahl) actually needed an app like this ourselves a while ago for another project. We found it hard to find people outside your circle and if you are doing a startup or a project you want to work with the best people. Also, as the world becomes more global we want it to be easier to find people when you travel around to new cities in the world. One app to rule them all!

How’s life on the startup scene in Sweden?

It’s good. A lot of investment is being made in Sweden now. Tyler Crowley who organises the Sthlm Tech events are doing a lot for the startup scene here. I read that according to Tyler, the event grows in registrations by roughly 100 people per month. But we might need a bit more incubators and accelerator programs as more and more people are starting their own thing, especially young people. We have a lot of dreamers here in Sweden. That is also why we are launching Makemove to build on that ecosystem. We want people to have the tool to bring projects to life with the help of the people outside of their standard network. You could say that Makemove is a mix of Tinder and LinkedIn.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve found so far with Makemove?

To make it as simple as possible. It is always difficult to kill your darlings. We got a lot of inspiration from the African mobile ecosystem that we admire a lot when we built Makemove.

What plans do you have for Makemove?

We are still in beta so we are listening to all the feedback we get from our awesome users and trying out new paths that the app could take. When the schools starts after the summer we are planning to do the official launch. But you can still download the first version here to try it out.

Your stint at HyperIsland, how did that go and what did you learn?

It was a great experience. Hyper Island has been life changing for me. I have both worked and studied at Hyper Island. I did the Interactive Art Director program. There was a bunch of amazing people there. We did a lot of creative problem solving, group dynamics, and self-leadership.

When I worked at Hyper Island one of things I did was to make the creative task/workshop with a great visual artist named Philipp Gallon. We have been doing that for the last three years for the people accepted to admission days. It is really fun to see so many talented people in the same place and the same time.

How do you keep up-to-date and find inspiration?

To be up-to-date I use Twitter and listen to strangers on the subway. To find inspiration I spend time around nature and doing things I love. A new found interest is windsurfing.

Who would you share a desk with?

Bob Marley! I think we could be really good friends. :)

What would you pass down to others entering the digital industry that you wish you’d known?

This is maybe more life advice but I think it works for the industry too. Do what makes you happy, concentrate on that and you will find your way. Be humble to other people and don't be afraid to be the one who loves the most!

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