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Pete Giblin, Copywriter at Weapon7

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14:45 PM | 14 August 2012

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My name is Pete Giblin and I'm a Copywriter. I do ideas and words. I studied Marketing at Brunel University for my undergrad degree, and then Bucks for an MA in Advertising. I joined Weapon7 in 2011 after winning a D&AD New Blood Best in Show award, and the Daimler Innovation Award for the ‘City Golf’ app. I've since worked across all of Weapon7’s clients including Microsoft, smart and Mercedes-Benz. Campaigns include ‘Escape the map’ which was shortlisted at Cannes, and more recently ‘The Catch’ which went viral in a couple of days and garnered global news coverage. 

I also run the creative innovation blog

You can find me at @petegiblin on Twitter. 

What was your first ever job? 
My first job was at Tile Magic where I had to dig through thousands of small tiles, pile matching ones up into stacks of 12 and then wrap them up in plastic. I lasted four days. 

How did your career in advertising begin? 
I teamed up with my cousin Alex Dunning and went on a placement at Weapon7 for two weeks. They invited us back and we never left. 

How did you get your first job? 
During our first two weeks at Weapon7 we took our briefs and pushed to get as many ideas down as possible, then we would filter them into our own top five. I guess this showed that we could come up with lots of ideas, and had a view on which were the best and why. When we'd finished our briefs we'd constantly ask people for more work, if they had no work for us we would do their work for them. We also did our best to get to know everyone we could, so when we left after two weeks everyone said it felt like we were already part of the team and they wanted us to come back. 

What’s your biggest achievement? 
I'd say getting my first job at Weapon7 is my biggest achievement. Getting into the industry is one of the hardest things to do, and there are so many people who have to wait years to start their career proper. 

What’s the best thing about your job? 
Coming up with ideas. Nothing else comes close. 

What’s the worst thing about your job? 
Considering how amazing this job is, I'd only be nitpicking. 

If you could work with any brand what would it be and why? 
Any brand with a brave and collaborative attitude, that's what matters most. 

Name three things that inspire you. 
George Orwell's writing. David Shrigley's irreverence. And Oscar Pistorius' determination. 

If you could share a desk with anyone, who would it be? 
Alex Dunning. 

What’s your one piece of advice for students looking to get into advertising? 

Get known for good reasons.

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