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Nabeel Arif, Advertising Student, Bournemouth University

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11:30 AM | 13 February 2015
by Adam Oldfield
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Currently a second year Advertising student at Bournemouth University, Nabeel Arif is looking to immerse himself in the world of advertising.

Why did you chose to study advertising at BU?

I’d never been to Bournemouth before I came here for university and like thousands of students I didn’t know what I wanted to do, sometimes I still feel like that. But after doing a bit of research I decided on advertising, after that it was time to start looking at universities and Bournemouth ticked all of the boxes when it came to course content and were I wanted to be, it also has a pretty good beach.

Which jobs in the creative industries are you most drawn to?

If I could jump straight in I’d be a Creative Director. The opportunity to be the creative driving force behind an idea that I can see in public and say “I was part of that” just motivates me. But that’s a role I see myself occupying in the future. We recently completed an account planning unit with a live brief and it was fascinating to delve into the work and learn about how brands can be constructed and the thought processes of the consumer so that is an interest. At the moment I just want to try and gain as much experience as possible.

Which company would you love to work for after graduating and why?

There are so many amazing agencies out there that do some amazing work. Personally I'd love to work for AMV BBDO, as an agency they tick all the boxes, they are passionate about their work and when I look at particular pieces such as the ‘Made of more’ series of Guinness adverts I think “this is the kind of work I want to produce”. I actually studied one of the ads for an exam last year, that’s how much I liked the work.

In your spare time do you have projects to keep you busy?

University keeps me pretty busy but when I do have some free time I’m involved with running the Advertising society at BU. So far it’s been a great opportunity for me to experience new things and do things that I wouldn’t normally do, meet new people and leave my comfort zone. I’m really excited about some of the plans that are in place. Also I’ve recently started planning a weekly podcast with some of my course mates, nothing too serious just weekly shows about what’s happening in the advertising industry.

What fascinates you in the world?

People. I love the fact that everyone has a story or experience, it fascinates me that we can all live together, that such difference cultures and beliefs can all co-exist. The world in general, I love travelling, getting outside and experiencing new places and a different way of life. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some beautiful places that have opened my mind to a whole new perspective.

If you had an extra day each week what would you do with that time?

This is going to sound really soft and I’ll probably be embarrassed about it the next time I go home, but I’d spend more time with my family. I come from a pretty close family, my brothers and dad have been the biggest influences on my life and they are a big part of my life and motivation. They’re probably not going to let me forget this now! The boring and generic answer would be to probably take up a new hobby, maybe learn how to play an instrument or new sport.

Sell yourself. Why should someone give you an internship/placement?

I’d love to sit here and spout off some big words about how I’m hard-working, really creative and find a way to fit into any environment and thrive but anyone can say these things. That being said I’ll give it a go! I’m only on the fringes of the advertising industry right now and a big challenge is actually getting into the industry but I know it’s the perfect environment for me.

I’m single-minded and highly motivated. I’ve taken big steps recently to improve and I try to take opportunities that scare me a little, if they don’t then I know it’s not for me, it’s why I joined the society committee and was able to overcome a fear of public speaking. Hopefully someone reading this doesn’t find my answers too cliché and likes what they’ve read!

If you would like to get in touch find me on LinkedIn, alternatively you may want to follow my ramblings on Twitter.

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