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Josefin Roxeheim & Agnes Uggla, Creatives, Droga5

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12:45 PM | 2 June 2016
by Adam Oldfield
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Agnes Uggla & Josefin Roxeheim, had always dreamt of working together since they became friends at the age of 10. Working in different parts of the creative industry in Sweden - Agnes in production and Josefin as an account manager, they decided to make dream come true. They departed for New York and applied to Miami Ad School to become advertising creatives.

They had their eyes set on Droga5 from the start, so spent weeks creating ‘The Book of Sweden’ to promote their talents. It did the job, after graduating from Miami Ad School they joined Droga5 as creatives.

We caught up with them to ask about their experiences since moving to New York over two years.

Briefly describe to us your career paths up to now.

We always knew we wanted to work in the creative field. We both grew up in creative homes. We weren’t quite sure exactly what industry we wanted to pursue so we explored many different paths like PR, television, production and account management, before realising that advertising was our call.

What was the motivation behind wanting to change careers and head to Miami Ad School NY?

For a couple of years we were both working in advertising. And that was great and all, but we were still not where we wanted to be. So we decided together to do a 360 backflip and head back to school. And we thought, if we were going to turn our lives upside down, we might as well go all in: pack up our Swedish comfort zone, wave goodbye to our loved ones and move to New York City.

Agnes you were in Production, Josefin in Client Services, how did you find the transition to creative?

Agnes: Going from production to copywriting is a big transition in itself. So going from production to copywriting in my second language was definitely a little scary. But looking back, I almost feel like coming from another country was more of an advantage. Not language wise, but from a cultural standpoint. My language was almost secondary, ironically enough.

Josefin: In account management, I really enjoyed getting to work closely with creatives and doing so made my transition a lot easier. I would say my background brings structure to the creative process, and I have a much better understanding of and appreciation for what account people do. Still don’t understand the Excel sheets though.

Tell us about 'The Book of Sweden', where the idea came from and how it helped you land at Droga5?

In our final quarter of school we were applying for internships. We knew that, in order to land a great internship we needed to sell ourselves hardcore. And sell ourselves we did. We had just seen The Book of Mormon on Broadway and that sparked a thought. What if we could sell our book, our holy book, to the best agencies in New York? Three weeks later, we sent out The Book of Sweden. And Droga5 asked us to come in. But they never let us near the mic at karaoke.

What kind of clients are you working with and what's your typical week involve?

We’ve worked on a couple of exciting projects, mostly for Under Armour and Honey Maid. The latest couple of weeks, we’ve worked on a really cool campaign that we’re super pumped about, but we’ll leave that as a cliffhanger.

You’ve known each other for a long time, does it make it easier to work together?

Yeah, we go way back! We’ve been friends since we were 10 years old. Failed math together, dyed our hair together, traveled the world together. To be able to work with your best friend has to be the ultimate way to work— especially during all those weekends and late nights. Yes, we have a lot of fun together, but it’s also great from a creative standpoint. We’re so comfortable around each other and aren’t afraid to speak our minds.

Any advice for graduates out there?

We really wish we had something super profound and insightful to say here. But our best advice is: Be kind, work hard, try to have fun at all times. And when you freak out, and want to crawl up like a cheeto under your desk, try to remember: It’s just advertising.

Tell us your best joke?

“It’s just advertising”

And finally, if you could share a desk with anyone from the past, present or future, who would it be?

Harry and Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber*

*from the original movie, definitely not the sequel

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