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James Myers, Group Managing Director, TVC

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11:30 AM | 19 June 2015
by Adam Oldfield
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We caught up with James Myers, Group Managing Director, recently to ask a few questions about life at TVC. After studying French at University of Sussex, James went straight into work at TVC and has worked there for over 14 years.

How did you get your break in the creative industries?

I started working at TVC in 2001 - fresh out of university. There were just eight of us within the team in those days, which was amazing training on the ground as everyone did a bit of everything.

What types of work does TVC produce for it’s clients?

TVC produces outstanding integrated campaigns for its clients, a mixture of intelligent content solutions alongside best in class delivery and activation both nationally and globally.

What fun do you have at work TVC?

Work at TVC is always fun. Every day there's a once in a lifetime experience happening - everything from the 'big reveal of the latest Land Rover concept car,' to a film shoot at London Fashion week, or a briefing for a social media project that's going to change behaviour for one of our clients.

How would someone go about landing a job at TVC?

What really grabs our attention is an application that stands out from the rest. We're always looking for candidates who will challenge us, bring something new and fresh to the team and keep us at the cutting edge of technology and creative content. I also like people who live and breathe media, BBC Breakfast and the Times/The Metro consumed before the day has started.

What’s the main put off when meeting new talent?

The main put off for me is a candidate that arrives for an interview unprepared and without having done any research on TVC.

What do you know now that you wish you had known at 21?

The 21st century was gonna be awesome!

If you could share a desk with anyone from the past, present or future, who would it be?

Andy Warhol - he really brought popular culture and art together in a way no one else had before and really changed modern art as we know it. I never tire of his work, his approach was pure genius. I am also a fan of his peers from that time including Basquia & Haring.

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