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Daniel Bottiglieri, Head of Marketing, Brainlabs

2 min, 27 sec read
10:45 AM | 30 September 2016
by Adam Oldfield
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Daniel Bottiglieri had a somewhat unconventional path into the creative industries, from Leicester, Oxford to Brainlabs.

Daniel had a somewhat unconventional path into the creative industries. He read history at Leicester as an undergraduate and then did a lot of jobs after ‘which paid peanuts’. He did a Master’s in Merton College, Oxford and he now has a job at Brainlabs as Head of Marketing.

How did you land your first job in the creative industries?

A stroke of luck. The day before I had just quit an internship in the Commons. Next day I was pissing about, feeling smug, and a mate told me to go to a careers fair round the corner.

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