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Carl & Charlotte, Creative Duo, Placement at BBH

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16:01 PM | 6 March 2013
by Adam Oldfield
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Charlotte: I’m from a small town in Cornwall, I went to university at UCA, Farnham where I studied Advertising & Brand Communication, which was the most amazing course. I learnt both strategy and creative at once, which was definitely helpful. I now live in Hertfordshire and I’m  currently on placement at BBH. 

Carl: I’m also from a small town but it’s next to Newcastle, I went to Newcastle College. After completing a one year Foundation Diploma in Graphic Design, I stayed on at NC and studied a FDA in Creative Advertising. It was all very nice. I’m now, like Charlotte, on placement at BBH.  

What was your first ever job?

Charlotte: My first job was working in a Maize Maze. For those blissfully unaware, it’s literally a maze made from maize. My job consisted of sitting in the beautiful Cornish sun (when it showed its face) and awaiting for lost tourists to raise their flag and admit defeat so I would show them the way out. In contrast to that, my first advertising job was at Y&R in New Zealand during my second year of university. 

Carl: My first job was quite the opposite. I was working in the back of a chip shop peeling potatoes whilst having a paper round in the morning and afternoon. It was pretty grim! First Advertising job was at an agency in Newcastle called Studio precept also during College. 

Why did you go into advertising?

Charlotte: I’ve always been creative but never new how to channel my creativity. It wasn’t until during an episode of ‘Friends’, the one where Chandler starts a career in advertising, that I realised advertising was an option for me. 

Carl: My uncle is working in advertising as an art director and he was always doing something cool and interesting when I was growing up. When I was 10 I was in a research group, sweets and £20, I was sold. 

How did you clinch your first job in ad land?

Both: Well, we’re still on placement, but in our attempt to stand out and show what we can do in order to land full time work we’ve produced this:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Charlotte: “Drown your precious babies” - Gareth Pitman. My lecturer at uni said this to us on many occasions and it’s always stayed with me and encouraged me never to get too attached to an idea, and to always keep going.  Also “Work with them not for them”  this is something my father said to me, which I believe reflects the importance of collaboration in advertising and working together as a big team to create the best work. 

Carl: “When drawing you don’t turn over a new page and start again. You work at it until it's working and that’s the same with life” - John Hegarty 

And what’s the worst piece of advice?

Charlotte: I was told early on at uni to find a creative partner straight away, something I worried about so teamed up quickly, which didn’t last. So I think looking back, I wish I'd put my energy purely into the work, and not into finding the right person to work with, that would come in time. University was about experimenting. I wish I’d collaborated more with other students. 

Carl: That grades matter. 

How would your typical day play out?

Both: Get in for about 8, breakfast, then straight into work from the previous day, often we have briefings and reviews on our work. It highly depends on what we’re doing and the workload. But most Fridays end with a well deserved beer!

What do you see as the next big thing?

Charlotte: I believe it’s important to be more entrepreneurial and to create new products, new brands and find a solution to life’s problems. 

Carl: I completely agree with Charlotte, real problems, real solutions. We are in a position where the biggest and best company will be the one that is most socially responsible, we always need to try and do good whatever the brief may be.

What inspires you?

Charlotte: I take inspiration from life really, often from watching people on my commute to and from work. Another quote that fits this is: “Be a cultural magpie”, this sums it up pretty well, I just take in what’s around me. 

Carl: Same really, life, films, photography, music, listening, conversations. 

If you could share a desk with anyone, who would it be?

Charlotte: We already sit pretty close to John Hegarty, but it would be great to be in his office with him and to share our ideas and hear his thoughts.

Carl: George Lois would be pretty cool. 

What’s your one piece of advice for young people looking to break into the industry?

Charlotte: Stand out, do things different, there aren’t any rules. As a student you’ve got the most opportunity to have fun with your work, as you’re not working for real life clients, your ideas can be as big as you want and collaboration is important, other people can help shape your ideas don’t be afraid to share. 

Carl: Do work you want to do, then find an agency that does your type of work. There are a lot of different opinions in advertising, it’s important to have your own.  

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