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Ahmed Khalifa, Natural Search Specialist, schuh

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14:45 PM | 4 November 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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schuh's SEO Specialist Ahmed Khalifa chats to us about his experiences in digital marketing and provides loads of advice for young people.

Ahmed Khalifa has been working in the digital marketing field within agency and in-house roles in various cities. From working with major online retailers and publishers to now working in the fashion and footwear industry at schuh, Ahmed has covered a number of industries and gained wide-ranging experiences within the digital marketing and online business fields.

How does someone go from studying Sports Management to a career in digital marketing? 

I always thought that I would be working in a marketing-related role and being a sports fanatic, the world of sports marketing seemed very appealing to me. After doing my Sports Management degree, I then went on to do an MA in International Marketing Management while trying to gain experience. I wanted to combine the two degrees and give myself a platform to build on. After my Masters, I went in a different direction without even realising. I began working for a small local business. I looked after their eBay and Amazon stores as well as their websites. It was there that led me to experiment and learn more about how online businesses operate. 

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