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Danielle Griffiths, Freelance Stylist & Author

Danielle Griffiths, has over 15 years Fashion industry experience, having graduated from Westminster University with a BA in Fashion in 2001. We dig a little deeper to understand how Danielle started out.

  1. 5 trends from 2016 that will show interviewers that you are a marketing whizz

    Matt Adams, an advertising student at Bournemouth University, gives his top 5 tips for people looking to impress potential employers.

  2. Nicolas Schwabach, Copywriter & Translator

    Nicolas Schwabach, is London born with over 25 years agency experience in England, Saudi Arabia and Germany working on international brands as well as for small businesses.

  3. Pocket Change

    When travelling abroad, a load of coins you end up with can become a problem, almost becoming useless. Ever has this problem?

  4. Book Review: Fashion Stylist's Handbook

    Isobel Leventhorpe takes a look at Danielle Griffiths 'Stylist’s Fashion Handbook' and gives her opinion on it.

  5. Advertising and its psychological grip over us

    Nikhil Nair, a recent advertising and media graduate, explores the psychological power of advertising over consumers.

  6. Ben Carpenter, Account Executive, R/GA

    Ben Carpenter, an account executive at R/GA talks to us about his job, how he ended up in advertising and what tips he has for people trying to get into the industry.

  7. Learn a language with Spotify

    This idea by two students from Berghs School of Communication won them a Future Lion this year.

  8. Which Ad School And Why?!

    Finn O'Neill runs the rule over the plethora of advertising school options for aspiring creatives and compiles a global top 10 list.

  9. The Four 'Non Rules' of Concepting

    Jeremy Garner, Executive Creative Director at Hiveworks, gives his four 'non rules' for coming up with ideas.

  10. Mark Manning, Client Partner, Huge

    We catch up with Mark Manning, a client partner at agency Huge where he is in charge of a range of accounts across a variety of industries.

  11. Pokémon Go: Staring into the void - the void is ‘super-effective’

    As Pokémon Go continues to send people chasing their dreams of becoming the next Pokémon master, let’s pause and reflect on the reasons for this game’s success and what it may potentially mean for the future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

  12. Sara El Bachri, Planner/Buyer, Somo

    We met up with Sara El Bachri, a planner buyer at mobile marketing agency Somo, to discuss her career journey and her advice to people trying to crack the advertising industry.

  13. IKEA Hållbar

    The product proposed by students from Berghs School of Communication in integrates Innoscentia technology, which provides a smart food sensor, with an IKEA food container. In order to encourage less food waste.

  14. Rose Warren, Planner, GTB

    Rose Warren, is a Planner at communications agency GTB. We caught up her to ask a few questions about her career to date after studying Psychology at University of Southampton.

  15. Wear It All

    Berghs School of Communication students in 2014 recognised the struggle for most people when it comes to getting ready that you have nothing to wear, but that your wardrobe is full of clothes.

  16. Pokemon Go Ad Agency Hunt

    Just one week after the release of the blockbuster mobile game Pokemon Go, Asa Bradshaw saw an opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and leverage it’s growing interest among London’s best advertising agencies.

  17. Arse baptism and creativity

    Mon Yeu is an intern at FutureRising. He shares his experience working with FutureRising and what he has learnt about the creative industries so far. His view: ‘it’s all about your ideas!’

  18. Michael Smith, Founder, Cog Design

    A designer by training, Michael Smith founded Cog Design, straight from college, in 1991 and has managed the development of the company ever since. We interviewed him to learn more about Cog and his journey so far.