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Pokemon Go Ad Agency Hunt

Just one week after the release of the blockbuster mobile game Pokemon Go, Asa Bradshaw saw an opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and leverage it’s growing interest among London’s best advertising agencies.

  1. Arse baptism and creativity

    Mon Yeu is an intern at FutureRising. He shares his experience working with FutureRising and what he has learnt about the creative industries so far. His view: ‘it’s all about your ideas!’

  2. Michael Smith, Founder, Cog Design

    A designer by training, Michael Smith founded Cog Design, straight from college, in 1991 and has managed the development of the company ever since. We interviewed him to learn more about Cog and his journey so far.

  3. Body Language and Emotional Intelligence for job interviews

    Body Language and Emotional Intelligence are both essential for landing a job and once in the workplace. Here's a deep look at them both to help you improve on interviews and performing at work.

  4. Robert Glad, Associate Designer, AKQA Amsterdam

    After tirelessly promoting his talents, Robert Glad landed a Design Internship with AKQA Amsterdam. We spoke with Robert about life in Amsterdam, being a designers at one of the worlds biggest digital agencies and how he got there.

  5. From Account Executive to Senior Account Manager - four tips on getting ahead

    From her three and a half year journey from a grad Account Executive (AE) to a Senior Account Manager (SAM), Charlotte Wheatley imparts four pearls of wisdom for anyone who aspires to rise quickly up the ranks.

  6. NPower - Countdown

    Creative, Joel Buckley from the School of Communication Arts came up with an innovative digital experience to empower young people to get behind saving energy for the NPower D&AD New Blood 2015 brief.

  7. Imagination Taking Shape - 3DOH

    After recognising the amount of time children spend each day (average of eight hours daily) in front of screen, '3DOH' brings play back to the real world.

  8. Delivery Job

    Students Maria Pedrosa Riquelme and Nuria Muñoz Ramos from Miami Ad School were inspired by Pact Coffee and Facebook to come up with the inventive idea for job seekers to meet the gatekeepers to their dreams job.

  9. What’s it like to be on the receiving end of your job application?

    The founder of Cog Design shares his top ten insights into how to make the most of your approach or application to companies for jobs.

  10. Sean Ward, Marketing Manager, Born Music

    Sean Ward helps undiscovered music artists become discovered, he’s Marketing Manager at Born Music based out of Birmingham.

  11. Productivity and 20/80 rule

    Make the most from the 80/20 rule, Pareto principle, by focusing on work related activities that you are passionate about.

  12. 5 reasons to stop panicking about what you’ll do after university

    There's one goal after university: find the perfect job and heaven knows how much it's difficult. Here's five reasons to stop panicking about what you will do next.

  13. Using technology for a greater good - CareDrop Project

    Soham Chatterjee and Valerio Amaro came up with a life saving concept named 'Carebox Project' to help those displaced and driven into poverty during South Sudan's independence from Sudan in July 2011.

  14. Employment advice for students

    When you are searching for a job there are number of aspects that need to be considered. Here are a few tips to take into account while job hunting.

  15. Happy Milk

    Students came up with the ‘Voluntary Milking System’ (VMS) so cows and farmers are both happy. In conjunction with DeLaval, the idea allows cows to practically milk themselves.

  16. 6 things you should know before getting a job in design

    Experts from the design industry including freelancers each provide one piece of advice for junior designers looking to build a career for themselves.

  17. Josefin Roxeheim & Agnes Uggla, Creatives, Droga5

    Agnes Uggla & Josefin Roxeheim, had always dreamed of working together since they became friends at the age of 10. So they departed for New York and applied to Miami Ad School to be become advertising creatives.

  18. The Perfect Pitch

    Ricky Richards provides 10 suggestions for creative graduates, all from his experience of watching hundreds of students pitch.