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How to keep a journal

Saadia Osman, a student at Royal Holloway, gives her top tips for people wanting to keep a journal.

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    A step-by-step guide for first-time interviewees, or regular job hunters who need to sharpen their interview skills.

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    This graphic designer's reinvented CV and portfolio will make you rethink your own.

  3. Triple Trouble, Creative Ad Team

    We catch up with Danish advertising maestros Triple Trouble about their bold and creative advertising.

  4. Donut trickery lands guy 10 job interviews

    Lukas Yla set out to bag his dream tech job a little differently to how most of us would do it by sending tech giants a box of donuts.

  5. Five quick job application tips to remember

    Abed Lame, a sixth form college student at St. Charles, writes about his five top tips for students looking to get on the job ladder or looking to apply for apprenticeships.

  6. When I’m A Dad

    Tom Anders, an ex advertising student from the University of Lincoln won himself a D&AD Black Pencil in 2015, thanks to his heart warming entry 'When I'm A Dad'.

  7. 5 tips to help you cope with finding a placement

    Matt Adams, an advertising student at Bournemouth University, shares his top tips for people looking for work placements.

  8. We Wish you a Merry Critmas

    #MerryCritmas: Save A Turkey, Roast a Creative. This Christmas professionals in the advertising industry are giving the gift of a portfolio crit to all those in needs.

  9. Top tips from creative industry masters

    We've collected some of wisest words from creative industry professionals. We asked them one question, 'What is the one thing young people should know before getting a job in the creative industries?'

  10. 9 TED Talks you should watch to build a strong career

    A roundup of the best TED Talks to help you build the best and strongest career possible.

  11. 6 suggestions for those graduating with a degree in music

    Isobel Leventhorpe, a music student at Royal Holloway, gives her advice to other students coming out of university with a degree in music.

  12. Tips for starting your own T-Shirt business

    College student Sam Baggarley shares his tips for starting up a t-shirt business and building a brand to get it off the ground.

  13. The Planning bootcamp

    Sharvari Dorwat attended a recent advertising planning bootcamp at FutureRising, she shares her experience from the day and some of the key take aways.

  14. Trying to come up with ideas, but stuck?

    Even geniuses face mental blocks, and this can be frustrating. Rutaja Gandhi explores some of things that might be stopping you from coming up with killer ideas.

  15. The UK’s unwelcoming policies to international students

    Juan Tauber a recent graduate talks about his experiences in trying to land a job in the UK where regulations on international students has hardened in the last 10 years.

  16. 5 tips for negotiating a graduate salary

    These five useful tips will make you the negotiation master when it comes to getting the best graduate salary - not to mention better off in the long run.

  17. 5 tips for keeping up social media to help you land a job

    Gergana Tacheva gives five tips for anyone with social media accounts to use as a way of landing work.

  18. Book Review: Logotype by Michael Evamy

    We take a look at Michael Evamy's recent book on logotypes, monograms, and text-based marks.