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An internship is a piece of full-time work experience, usually taken straight after university. The creative industries tend to offer internships that last 3, 6 or 12 months.

The whole idea is that you learn while on the job. If you took a regular job you may be expected to know exactly what you’re doing before you even get there but with an internship that isn’t expected of you.

Think of it as part job, part learning course. You’ll be run through what you need to do, as well as how to do it and you’ll often be shown how the agency as a whole operates (what the different departments are and how they work together).

You may also be given the opportunity to get involved with other parts of the business and sit in on meetings, that someone with your job title wouldn’t usually be able to, all in the name of learning. Some agencies will even give you a mentor to help guide your time at the company.

But don’t think you’re just there to take. You have to give as well. An internship is full-time and you’ll be expected to do everything that a regular employee would.

Don't be exploited

At FutureRising we believe that you should avoid interning for more than three months in one company. By then you will be fully integrated into the company and helping them earn money. You don't want to be taken advantage of and kept as an intern when you shouldn't be.