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Writing tips

Whether you’re writing cover letters, a CV, blogs, copy for your personal website or articles for FutureRising, you should read this guide. Hell, even if you already have a job and the only thing you write is the occasional email to a colleague, you should read this guide. Here we’ll be discussing some basic tips to help make your writing worth reading.

If you’re a copywriter then this stuff should all be second nature to you. Having said that, we recommend giving this guide a quick once over to be sure you know this stuff.

Know your message

Each piece of writing should have a single-minded message. Whether it’s an advert, a blog or an email to someone you want a job from. For example, the message of this page is “Improve your writing to improve your career opportunities”. Anything that doesn’t help with that is cut. If you stray from your message then the whole piece becomes difficult to follow. If we started talking about the history of writing you would probably switch off. So whenever you sit down to write something, first think about what it is saying. This will keep you on track and ensure your writing is clear and easy to follow.

Know your audience

This phrase should be etched into your mind. It applies to just about everything you will do in the creative industries and writing is no exception. The more you know about who will be reading your writing, the better you can make it for them. Are they stern and serious? You may want to avoid too many jokes. Are they young? Consider using some colloquial language. Is English their second language? Try to use very simple langauge and avoid any English sayings. Knowing your audience will help you decide what kind of language to use and the content of your writing. The more you can personalise it, the more receptive the reader will be.