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Self promotion

Not every role in the creative industries demands a creative portfolio. If you're a creative, a designer or developer, you'll definitely need one (check out [our portfolios guide]) but for budding planners, media, marketing and accounts people, here are some other ways you can sell yourself to employers.


Work on projects in your spare time. Collaborate with friends to create projects that have an outcome. This could be a book around a subject, a prototype for an app idea, writing a song or creating an animated short film.

Write blogs

If you've got a blog you can demonstrate your passion, personality and thinking. You don't have to blog about your industry, you could pick any theme that allows you to express opinion and be an individual. Be sure to keep your blog updated. For more on blogging, take a look at [our online presence guide].

Join networks or societies

Get involved with groups, whether at university or outside, to build up your network. Not only does this look good, you’ll meet interesting people and learn new things. Hopefully you've already connected with a few people via FutureRising.