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Finding a company that suits you is often overlooked when hunting for your first job. Mainly because getting your foot in the door is such a challenge that you forget it's a career decision and you just start sticking your foot in any door that is open.

Doing your research beforehand will help you get a feeling for a company before you apply. It'll tell you if you really want to work at that location, with those people, on their projects and with their clients. If you do, your passion for doing so will come through in any written applications or interviews so you'll be more likely to get the job.

Working somewhere you know you want to work also increases your chances of enjoying the job and doing well in the long run. You'll be more likely to perform well while you're there making it easier to get promoted (or to find your second job).

Here we have given some tips as to what you should be asking yourself, where you can find some answers and how having a research driven approach to job hunting is a very strong strategy. While it may seem long at first, it'll save you a lot of time in the long run and propel you towards the role that is just perfect for you.

We must add that no matter what you think and what we can tell you, the best form of research is to spend some time working at a company. This is where internships, work experience and placements are vital.

What to ask yourself

Which area of the creative industries do I want to work in? Check out our guides to find out more about advertising, branding, design, marketing and media. What sort of role do you want within that area? Are you destined for the project management side or do you want to be in with the design team? Think about your skillset, are you organised and comfortable presenting ideas or better at sketching ideas and brining them to life in photoshop?