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Online presence

Employers will often search for you online to see what comes up. Here's some tips to make sure they find the employable you and not that drunk photo that keeps cropping up or that ugly logo you designed 4 years ago.

Through social networks, there is vast amounts of data being created by us and therefore a big trace. There might be blog posts, images on Flickr, Pinterest boards, Tweets, etc. Together this creates your online presence.

Typically, employers will always Google you and sometimes search for you on Facebook too. This guide focuses on ensuring your name brings up only great stuff in Google (Facebook is easy, just alter your privacy settings, delete any particularly bad photos and unlike those weird things your friends liked when they got onto your account). The better the links an employer finds on Google, the more likely they are to get you in to meet them. We’ve put together some areas to refine your online presence to promote your talent to potential employers.

Google yourself

Firstly, clear your cookies and cache (so Google doesn’t know who you are) and do a simple search for your own name. You’ll be surprised where your name might appear. It could be your old Myspace account, a blog you wrote in college, or a comment you made on a forum 10 years ago. Be sure to check more than just the first page of Google and do the same for Google images, it’s the first place most employers will look.