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Blogs are plentiful in the creative industries. Half the student population seems to have one and then there’s the countless young professionals with them. None of that means you have to have a blog, but if you choose to create one, or have one already, this guide will help you make the most of it.

Do you need a blog?

When it comes to blogging, there is an ocean of mediocrity out there. Don’t bother adding to it just because you feel like you should have a blog. But if you’ve got something decent to write, something that people will be interested in reading, then you should definitely go for it. We’ve met a whole bunch of people in the creative industries who’s blogs helped them get their first job.

Choosing a blogging platform


Blogger is a pretty comprehensive platform that’s entirely free and completely customisable. The dashboard may seem a little complex when you first arrive but as you get used to it you’ll realise that it’s quite nicely done. If you’re looking to do more with your blog with relative ease, then Blogger could be for you. If on the other hand you just want something ever so simple, you might want to try something else.


Again, free and fully customisable. Though to have as much control over Tumblr as you would have over Blogger, you’ll need to know a little HTML and CSS. Generally though, Tumblr is one of the most simple and easy to use blogging platforms.


Typepad is a premium service blogging platform. There are plenty of services that can do the job for free but if you’re serious about your blogging, then it’s worth taking a look at Typepad. It’s all very simple, well designed and fully customisable stuff. You’ll notice a lot of professional bloggers use Typepad.