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These creative industry briefs are written by employers who offer jobs opportunities, prizes and feedback to the best submissions. We also upload our own from time to time.

You are free to enter and designed to develop and improve your creative skills. All the briefs will give you extra experience and allow you to prove you can meet a deadline. No matter what role you want in the industry, ideas are the currency of the creative industries, if you've got them, employers will want you.

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  1. APG 2015 Student and Young Planner Awards

    This brief is open to any student in their final year of university and young planners with less than 2 years work experience. The brief is for McDonald's.

  2. Crowdwish

    Win an internship at one of the most exciting initiatives we know, Crowdwish. Simply come up with something inspiring.

  3. Mindshare: Huddle Competition

    Mindshare is hosting its fourth annual future-facing Huddle festival. There are six Huddle slots up for grabs – simply submit a short proposal for your idea.

  4. Tommy: Anchorman 2

    Students need to submit their creative response to the Anchorman 2 brief. The best idea will win a month long paid internship with This is Tommy. Open to all students.

  5. Franco Manca

    Franco Manca’s pizza has led to a storm of word-of-mouth suggesting that Franco Manca is the best pizza in London. Create hype for a new Franco Manca restaurant opening outside of London.

  6. Smart Watches

    A global consumer electronics company is looking to enter the smart watch, develop a marketing strategy around a smart watch to enter the market.

  7. Ryanair

    Ryanair is the world's most famous budget airline. Your job is to identify an insight into what a new mobile app could do for them and then mockup up some screens to deliver your idea.

  8. Tesco

    Choose a traditional media vehicle (E.g. TV, print, outdoor, radio, DM, etc) and come up with an innovative way to promote a virtual store.


    Redesign the website to bring it in line with the personality of their advertising.

  10. 3D Printing

    The challenge is to create an idea for a campaign that will educate and encourage everyday consumers to buy, use, experiment and enjoy 3D printing.

  11. National Health Service

    We want you to innovate the NHS, in the shape of a native app or web app, that comes to life on our mobile phones.

  12. Greenpeace

    Creative brief for Greenpeace. Come up with a creative way for Greenpeace to recruit the next generation of environmentalists.

  13. Batman V Superman

    2016 will see two heroes battle it out. Give Batman V Superman a social campaign to remember.

  14. Mars One

    Help spread awareness of and encourage the relocation of people from earth to the red planet for Mars One.

  15. Poundland

    Design and branding brief for Poundland. Re-brand Poundland to make it less shoddy and more shoppy.