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Sabah's top picks to celebrate Advertising Week

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16:00 PM | 22 March 2013

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From radio and print to the world of digital and guerrilla, advertising has powered through the centuries making its mark in history. So to celebrate Ad Week, I picked out a few of my favourites.

VW ‘Think Small’, Helmut Krone & Julian Koenig, 1959, DDB

DDB took the ugly looking VW Beetle and turned it's less size into a winning factor. Small was the new big. They changed people’s perception altogether.


The Passion of Muhammad Ali, 1968 Esquire magazine, George Lois

At the time of this photo Muhammad Ali had refused to fight in the Vietnam War. He was thus stripped of his boxing title so George Lois decided to depict him as the martyr; St. Sebastian, and since then this image has become iconic, to say the least.


Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls, 2005, Fallon

The answer is; yes. It really happened, even the bit with the toad.

And yes they did this one too, in Glasgow in fact.

Jimmy Choo ‘To catch a Choo’, 2010, FreshNetworks

The best use of gamification. Everybody loves a treasure hunt especially if your treasure is a pair of Jimmy Choo trainers.


Old Spice Muscle Music, 2012, Wieden+Kennedy

How could they top the man that you want your man to be? Well easy; a muscle man…that you can control!

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