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Who is suitable for working in the planning department?

01:30 min watch
Recorded 5 July 2013
@ Fallon
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What's the most important thing for a career in strategy? Fallon's David Adamson talks about what types of people make good planners.

"Good planners are fascinated by people and what people genuinely want and need and expect"

Watch the full interview with David where he talks about the following.

  • Working in advertising
  • Understanding the different roles in an advertising agency
  • What a planner does
  • A planner's role within an agency
  • Advice for creating a CV
  • The benefits for planners having a portfolio
  • Advice for breaking into advertising
  • How to start a career as a planner
  • The benefits of working at a small agency
  • The importance of understanding all the roles in advertising

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