Mark Deeprose, Creative Services Director, Jellyfish

We caught up with Jellyfish's Mark Deeprose. Discover his experiences in the creative industries and find out what advice he has to give.

  1. One Minute Briefs is your one fix a day creative burst

    You really ought to participate in OneMinuteBriefs. They're a great way to keep you on form and you might win some prizes.

  2. How do you land a job as an advertising creative?

    Pete Giblin, former copywriter at Weapon7 (now at Grey London) talks about what young creatives should be doing.

  3. 6 creative jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago

    Job roles are constantly evolving and new ones are popping up all the time.

  4. Is your Facebook page sabotaging your brand?

    In this day and age you need to be careful about what you post via your social media.

  5. How do you approach a new media brief?

    Starcom's Owen Lee explains the process of working on a media brief.

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  7. Win your own session at Huddle 2014

    Run your own interactive session at Mindshare's Huddle 2014.

  8. OFFF: The best examples of analogue and digital working together

    Michela Nicchiotti explores the topic analogue and digital coexisting inspired by the OFFF conference in Barcelona.

  9. What must students do to get ahead?

    Media professional Vilma Grosberga discusses what you can do to get ahead in advertising.

  10. 6 places to learn for free

    Our favourite places where you can learn coding, advertising languages, marketing and much more.

  11. Donate by Update: A new opportunity for (PRODUCT)RED

    Students from the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam have come up with this idea for Apple.

  12. What experience should students try to gain?

    Leo Burnett's Lindsey George talks about the kind of experience you could gain to benefit a job in advertising.

  13. Sara Gärdegård, Junior Designer, Universal Music

    Sara Gärdegård, a designer and creative, shares her experiences of Berghs School of Communications and lots of advice for young people.

  14. How do you approach a creative brief?

    One of London's top creatives, Jeremy Garner, discusses how he tackles creative briefs.

  15. Google, please hire me

    Marketer Matthew Epstein's viral attempt at bagging a job at Google.

  16. 5 things you should see this week

    The very best FutureRising has to offer from the last week. Plus stuff from around the web.

  17. Standing out and being remembered on placement

    Tom Carter explains how he and his creative partner made themselves memorable on placement.

  18. Overcoming the fear of an internship

    Will Moir discusses his first interning experience and how to get over nerves of what's expected of you.